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How to Reseach:Online

Have you ever had to do a research paper and not be able to gather , never mind find the information you need? We all have. The Axia College provides us with one of the largest libraries in the world.

As students we have access to literally tens of thousands of books, articles, journals and reviews. With services from EBSCOhost, ProQuest, and, Thomson Gale PowerSearch. Those are only the tip of the iceberg. The library also provides access to over 23 specialized databases, you are sure to find you need.

Not convinced that our library is the best? Consider if you had to access each of those databases with out the college paying for the fee’s and licensing , it would cost you more then time when looking for reference material.

Not sure on how to get started? Effectively search for what you need? I’ll give you some knowledge I’ve found useful while using the library and the internet for research.





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A whole library is at your finger tips.

The best part is: No dui-decimal system.

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