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How to avoid Plagiarism

Some key points to remember in maintain the integrity and honesty of your academic work is to avoid plagiarism. Here some tips that have helped me.


1.) Immediately document where you got the information when researching.

It is much easier to write a reference page while your researching then to have to go back and look for the information again. This will also give you a chance to evaluate the information's constancy and appropriateness to the topic.

2.) Find out the format the professor wants.

APA , MMA, AMA, WHY? , these all have different requirements for citing and referencing. The sad truth is if your paper is not formatted to the standard it is still plagiarism.

3.) Cite your paper as you type it.

Correctly too! I can not relate how many times I have written a paper with the intent of going back to cite, only to find I couldn’t remember what needed to be. Take the few extra seconds it takes to put in the citation. It will save you time and headache later.

4.) Use the colleges reference material as needed.

The college provides us with an amazing booklet. The Axia College Writing Style Handbook. This booklet available under your course materials will answer many of the questions you have on format, citing and plagiarism. Finally your professor is always available to help.


It is very important to check this.

You do not want this on your academic record.