Student survival guide

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You have the power!

Effective Study Habits Always Win

Good habits are harder to make then bad ones. In this case though you will find yourself appreciating it much much more.

Studying is a critical part of the work done in an online classroom. Since we are left to our own to evaluate and absorb the information you have to be disciplined to sit down and review the lessons. It sounds easy enough right? Sometimes it is not. You have to tell yourself after a 14 hour day at work , feeding the kids and doing some yard work; its time to study. Here some tips to help you out.

1.) Set-up a study area.

It is important to be able to find all of your work, notes and access to class in the same place. Keeping a dedicated and organized study spot helps get you in the mood to focus.

2.) Make time to study daily.

There is time in the day to sit down for at least an hour and read on what your doing. It may not be fun and you may not be in the mood to. It is important to remember the only person making you take these classes is you. With that comes the responsibility of self motivation. I personally take roughly 1˝ hours a day minimum to study and reflect on my work.

3.) Take notes, the way that best suites you.

Contrary to popular study habits I suggest you take notes that are comfortable and usable to your style. As long as the information is organized and relevant, use what works! Everyone learns through different ways. However if you cannot go back to your notes a week later and make sense of them you should find another method.

Take some time before a big assignment to figure it out.

Quality work comes from quality studying