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Time Management

Most people have busy lives. Think about it, in a 24 hour day you spend seven for sleeping, four for eating and grooming and preparing meals, nine for working and perhaps two for commuting and another two for some leisure time.

How you manage your time while taking these classes will greatly effect your stress levels and grades. Time management helps with all of this. You should look at your day and ask yourself what you could cut out of it to make time for school. I use the words “make time” because if you do not make time for school, no one else will.

This is a good exercise to help see how your day plans out. Make a chart logging the whole day in ˝ hour increments. At the end of your day and evaluate it. Chances are that you will find you had more time then you thought.

More weekly activities around. Given the nature of the classes you can afford not to check in that day or post that day, if another activity must be done. Here is a few tips to help you out.

1.) Make a logging chart.

You would be surprised on how much time in a day is wasted. Even afterwards if you find yourself short on time, look into moving things around the week.

2.) Maintain your motivation.

You are in the ultimate control of your educational experience. Find motivators and reasons to make the time to study. With those you will never find yourself hard pressed to complete an assignment.

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You have 24 hours in a day.

That’s a lot of time to do what is needed.