Student survival guide

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You have the power!

Setting and Achieving your Goals

Not to sound cliché , but only you can make it happen. It is important to make goals and find the ways to achieve them. Early in your educational journey you need to make it clear to yourself where you want to take it. Set a final goal for this journey. Then go back to the beginning and set the goals needed to achieve the next plateau and the next. Evaluate the steps needed and the plausibility of achieving them. Remember to set your sights on the final prize but not to forget the little ones to get to it. Make your goals reasonable and to your ability. Take however many steps you think you need to get to it. The important part is that you will get to it with determination, planning and heart.

Good luck to you and your journey. I am still on it and plan to be for sometime. May your goals and dreams be achieved. So you can look back and say “Tried and strived and made it”.

Only your have the power to make them.

Only you are responsible for making it happen.